Partner Sectors

Fitness & Activity Sector

The Active Partnerships believe in the power of physical activity and sport to change lives, improve mental and physical wellbeing, bring communities together and tackle inequalities. They influence systems, policies and strategies to make it easier and more attractive for people to be active in their day to day lives.

The Active Partnerships across the UK are our strategic partners focusing on activity and fitness as the key driver for physical, cognitive and emotional health improvement.

Leading Health & Social Care Charities 

Many of the leading health charities work together as a collective voice to better influence health and social care policy and practice, with the aim of improving the care and support for over 25 million people living with long term conditions in the UK. 

"We Are Undefeatable" is a movement supporting people with a range of long term health conditions, developed by 15 leading health and social care charities and backed by expertise, insight and National Lottery funding from Sport England.

Life Sciences 

The UK Life Sciences Industry is a world-leading sector supplying cutting edge treatments that improve and save the lives of millions of people. Companies work in partnership with the NHS and patients to co-create services and technologies that add real value, improve outcomes and reduce service demand. 

Collaborations between Industry, the NHS, patients and specialist charities are essential to improving patient self-management and outcomes.

Public Health

Local government Public Health Teams are collaborating on programmes to realise their ambitions for supportive healthcare - adopting digital tools, technologies and service solutions to improve the health and fitness of local communities.

Local councils are now investing in community support programmes designed to improve the overall fitness and wellbeing of local populations.


Health Education is key to supporting the delivery of healthcare and health improvement to UK patients and public by ensuring citizens have the knowledge, skills, motivation and ability to self-manage their health, wellbeing and medical conditions. 

Key partners include Learning With Experts and Goldster.

Research & Evidence

Our key research and evaluation partner is Buckinghamshire New University. The Centre for Healthcare Communications Research (CHCR) helps shape new social and digital approaches to managing patient and stakeholder behaviour more effectively. They ensure academic rigour is applied to evaluating efficacy, quantifying benefits and building business cases for key interventions.

In developing courses and research programmes CHCR collaborate closely with colleagues at both NHS Improvement - dedicated to “better healthcare, transformed care delivery and sustainable finances” – and NHS England.

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